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After pouring everyone elses' excellent beers over the last eleven years, we figured it was time to start brewing our own - time to install our own stainless and start walking the walk. So in early 2014 that's what we did; in the form of a Premier Stainless 600L Brewhouse with three single batch fermentors. Just the right size to play; enabling us to brew whatever, however and whenever we want. Light-footed, nimble brewing with the freedom of Contract and the stability of Stainless. From time to time we might even be lucky enough to collaborate with some of those excellent Brewers whose beers we've poured, and will continue to pour, over the years...

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Alici Bianco Alici Nero Allez! Anaphylaxis Apfel Schmutzig Apricot's Hour Baklava Brown Benatar Berry Tight Down Under, Honey Blackberry Saison Black Lime Gose Black Pils Blank Czech Blood Oats Bluestocking Booty Blocker Brown Brut IIPA Cal Common Can Can Cascade Single Flower IPA Coalition Man COMA Chameleon (Coma)Toes Corps Blimey! Corps Promise CRed Cutlet Da Big Lerv Danger Zone De Cider Drirish Dr Saladitos East Coast IPA ENZED Red Finch Flat Benatar Footloose Foreign Extra Fritz Fug Oats This is Point of Difference Funky Menace Goodbye Stranger Green Team Australia Happy Place Heaps Berry Saison Hedy Hopper Helles (Other People) Honey Baltic Porter HopiKopi Sour Ice Coffee Indy Ink Slinger Stout Irony Pale Ale Kettle Sour Saison Konvention Kransky Kvass Landlady Leafy Team Oz Litmus Little Britain Malto Allegro Marching Orders Mildflower Milko Mirschzen Moule Rouge Mud Oats Non Corps Promise Philly Smasher Picnic Assassin Pinknic Assassin Poblano Quandong Saison Rauch Alici Redpoint RIPL Rizo Rizzocato Rot Bock Russian Caravan Ryelet Rye Stout Ryewaka Satsuma Porter Sauv Monk Schmutzig Screwdriver Shiploads Sir Bob (Gelbhopf) Sir Bob (Gelbhopf) - Dry Hopped Sir Bob (Gelbhopf) - Gladfield Sir Bob (Gelbhopf) - Weyermann SummerSalt Tawny Porter Team Australia The Age of Entitlement Thebartonia Thebby Bitter The Claw The Dirty Three Tonic Tripoli Triticale Mass TROP 016 TROP 033 TROP 4337 TROP 9909 Twheaty Bird Unite Red Ale Victory Beaver Vienna Pale Ale Watermelon Gose Wheaty-Bix Wheaty Wheaty Whey Puft Whisk(e)y-Bix Wilko Wit Noise Wolperdinger Dunkel Yeast Coast IPA